Design by Dusseldorf

Image courtesy of Print Interior Decoration

If you’re involved in interior design and want to get your creative juices flowing then get over to Dusseldorf in November, where the Printed Interior Decoration Show promises to showcase some really ‘WOW’ projects and possibilities. 

The event will showcase the most cutting edge interior application using digital print, with a focus on four areas: wall decoration, floor decoration, furniture and textiles. You’ll see it’s possible to produce fantastic products, from a run as low as one, using digital print on wood, glass, ceramics, textiles… 

The ‘wall’ section will showcase different approaches to creative interiors, such as murals, frescos and ‘wall tattoos’, alongside full-length wall coverings and digital print panels. 

In ‘floor decoration’ expect to see everything from PVC-based floor graphics to glass tiling and awesome carpet designs.

In terms of furniture design, The Printed Interior Decoration Show will highlight some of the latest solutions in printed adhesive films, customised wrapping and more, proving that you can turn any piece of furniture into a bespoke creation.

And on the textiles front, be inspired by wall coverings, upholstery, curtains, blinds and bed-linen with a bespoke twist.

Tickets to the show - 26-27 November – cost 495 Euro:

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