Getting festive with large format

W&Co's fit-out for Flutterbye’s Christmas popup shop

Dare I say it, but Christmas is almost here. At least, according to the high street, which has already become a dazzling spectacle of styrofoam snow, faux firs and oversized baubles buffed to blinding levels of shininess. For many, Christmas is a time of excitement, joy, and goodwill to all men. For others, it’s overdrafts, frozen fingers and sending cards to people we barely know. 

Of course for advertisers, Christmas is the time to bring out the big guns: flamboyant television adverts used to tug at our heartstrings or convince us that this Christmas really is going to be the best one ever; lighting displays visible from the moon and massive store makeovers that render our formally familiar local supermarket into a cheaply-constructed imitation North Pole.

Being the peak time of year for brands also means it’s a great time to get inspired, however. Advertisers these days are looking to ever more hard-hitting, extravagant and often downright ingenious ways to get shoppers to make a beeline for their stores, or stock up on their products. Look at Coca-Cola for example: the soft drink giant’s “holidays are coming” advert has become synonymous with the festive season, with many judging the arrival of Christmas based on when the advert hits our screens (and is it me, or is this earlier every year?). It’s also a time of year when large-format dominates, from extravagant storefronts to towering brand banners, glittering LED displays… Christmas brings a whole new theme, style and colour palette to get creative with, so capitalise on the season while you can and see what ideas the festive period brings.

So, whether you embrace this time of year with the childish zeal of a Christmas elf, or regard it with the limp coldness of a plate of leftover turkey, the bottom line is this: Christmas is a great time to get out there, see what’s being done and draw inspiration from this unique (albeit stressful) time of year, and find out what new techniques you can employ for your own “Wow!” projects in 2015.

Image: W&Co