Santa's off the rails

Santa has already been spotted doing the rounds in Cheshire this year, thanks to a really clever new product from Cestrian called Railingwraps.

Railing wraps is a rather ingenious wrapping product that reveals two separate images when viewed from different angles. 

Using special software to work out the spacing between railings, Cestrian’s in-house team has developed a nifty system to manipulate each image to appear in a single, unbroken scene when viewed from the correct angle. 

In this instance, the company managed to creat two 75m images by individually wrapping the railings outside its headquarters the small suburb of Cheadle Hume. The team has also cleverly integrated a nearby Royal Mail post in this scene, aptly called ‘Santa’s post box’.

Once the artwork was created, the scenes were overlaid with the railing calculations, sliced and merged together to create the individual sections for each railing. The merged image was then printed in a specific order, cut, collated and applied rail by rail using a removable self-adhesive.

Managing Director Phill Reynolds said the concept behind the project was about being as imaginative as possible within limited space constrains - which is often crucial with outdoor advertising. 

He said: “By using what is essentially the dull background of our grey railings we’ve been able to bring the road outside our offices to life."

As you can see from the 'before' images below, Railingwraps has quite literally transformed the the dreary road into whole new colourful and vibrant place.

“There’s a little more work in attaching print to railings instead of a traditional billboard but the effect is very exciting, so we decided to test it out with something fun. We have a play centre opposite our premises and it’s been fantastic seeing the children’s spellbound faces as they try to work out how the two different images are created. 

Reynolds continued: “As we’re working at ground level we’ve also been able to integrate the scene with its environment by using the post box as the focal point, which has added an additional, interesting dimension to the potential opportunities for the product.”

Basically, it’s all about being clever with and making the most of the resources you have at hand!

We know one place Santa will be stopping by this year…