Opening new markets by turning printed output into wall décor

Traditionally, any framed art or photography was the product of two different companies – the printer and the picture frame manufacturer. Two things changed this: The advent of digital print and the fashion for stretched canvases.



The versatility of digital print is widely understood and many printers are already producing artwork and photography on canvas.  What’s less well known is how easy it is to turn that output into finished wall décor.


Stretching a canvas onto wooden stretcher bars is a quick and easy process. Stretcher bars come pre-cut in a range of sizes and simply slot together. The only tools needed are a pair of special pliers to grip the canvas while stretching and an ordinary staple gun – total investment maybe £60. Screw a hanger onto the back and you have a piece of wall décor all ready to go. In one simple process you’ve added value to the printed canvas and opened up new markets for your business with a complete, finished product.


And it doesn’t stop there. The perceived value of the stretched canvas is taken to another level with minimal effort by adding an L Style frame. Finished wood L Style frame mouldings (also known as tray frames) can be ordered in ready-mitred pieces. The four mitred pieces are joined with a simple piece of manual equipment called an underpinner – investment around £800. Screw the canvas into the frame and it’s ready to hang in almost any domestic or commercial interior.


When compared to the level of skill and investment required to generate a printed canvas, turning it into finished wall décor is easy and profitable. With minimal outlay it adds another income stream to your business with a diverse potential customer base.

You can also learn to stretch Canvas with this easy to follow video; canvas and stretcher bars are available to order. For full details ask the experts