Mad Max makeover

The Lotus F1 Team, in co-operation with Warner Bros. Pictures, has created a new Mad Max Hybrid to coincide with the launch of film ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. The vehicle was fitted with a skin printed on a Roland Soljet XR-640 using a 3M Wrap Film 1080-M230 Matte Grey Aluminium.

Joe McNamara, Lotus F1 Team Graphics, said: “With a project like this, with such tight deadlines, and zero margin for error, our Roland printer was invaluable. We rely on the speed and reliability of the Soljet XR-640 to ensure these products are realised in the time limits we have. The print was run overnight, unattended, automatically rolled onto the take-up unit and applied to the car the next day - before being loaded and driven to Barcelona for the reveal.”