Elephant trumpets Andesign message

Andesign has set a new World Record with a 3D printed elephant head produced on its Massivit 1800 machine. The 3.5m+ high model is now advertising the company’s 3D model-making capabilities by appearing to smash though the wall of the Sutton Coldfield-based PSP, having being unveiled in-situ to hundreds on onlookers last week by Andrew Mitchell MP.

Created over five days, the elephant has been weatherproofed and reinforced to withstand anything the British climate can throw at it, and will remain a permanent fixture at the Andesign site, where the spectacle brought passing traffic to a halt when unveiled.

“We’re in the business of getting noticed. We have major international clients who want to achieve genuine greatness with their retail, display and advertising and this shows the incredible spectacle that can be achieved with 3D,” said Andesign’s founder Andy Williams. “It wasn’t easy and our management team worked like hell to overcome what we soon realised were unprecedented problems - we had to chop down a door of our spray paint booth, a room we can usually drive trucks in to! This elephant is an absolute monster, there’s no doubt, and it’s amazing that anything as big could all be created on our 3D printer, but we’ll be reaping the publicity rewards from it for many years to come.”