Glass: The next Holy Grail of printing?

Mike Horsten, Marketing Manager Mimaki Europe B.V.

Some time ago, when I was looking at the possibilities for glass printing, it seemed that digital technology was going to leave this type of process alone. Glass was difficult to print on and the adhesion was problematic. The solution? Stick to traditional methods.

That was until the development of ceramic glass inks and other technologies started to appear in the market. However, these still required the glass to be baked after printing. This meant bigger markets were unable start using this technology because of the non-existence of suitable finishing equipment in the digital world. Traditional glass manufacturing companies had these technologies in house so they could immediately start using the ceramic inks.

Why it pays to get creative with photos and images

Mike Horsten, Marketing Manager, Mimaki Europe B.V.

When it comes to taking pictures, I’m like most people: I take hundreds of shots on holiday, then never have time to look at them. What, never?! Yep, because accessing them isn’t as easy as vendors tell us. Sure we can be snap-happy and just bin the lousy shots. But what about the pictures I actually like, what happens to those? More often than not they’re copied from the memory stick to the laptop, and there they remain.

Are textiles greener and better?

by Mike Horsten, Marketing Manager Mimaki Europe B.V

Why there is so much discussion about sustainability and a more environmental conscientious approach, when most of us are worried about surviving this economic downturn? Politicians say the crisis is over, but the wide-format industry has not yet seen any clear indicators of recovery.

Economic uncertainty does encourage introspection and new ways of working. We do need to adapt and engage in new ideas and innovations. And as sustainability is a topic that comes up so frequently when we talk about innovation the two have become synonymous. In many ways, it is driving research and development. However, it should not be the only consideration, the business and its employees need to be fully supportive and the ethos has to be implemented throughout the whole operation.

Is Print dead?

Mike Horsten, Marketing Manager at Mimaki Europe B.V.

Print is something we don’t think about any more, we expect print to be there and we expect quality. No its not but it is changing. We used to print everything on paper but with then technologies of the last few years we have been able to start printing on all kinds of materials. With the introduction of digital print we have been able to generate more color output. More than ever before, we are changing.